15 Years QLS, “The Times They are A-Changin”

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b_750X500_750X500_16777215_00_cache_ALL-MEMBERS-FINAL-2.jpgIn 2017 the QLS Network of Foreign Language Centres completes 15 years of its creative course in Foreign Language Education.

Spearheaded by the School of Excellence, Members of QLS throughout the country plan and implement original and innovative educational programmes designed to offer their learners foreign language tuition which is linked to everyday life, as well as those skills which will enable them to cope with the demands of modern society in the 21st century.

QLS has already made its presence felt and is a benchmark with the ground-breaking programmes used by its Members, such as the QLP, which analyses the student's learning profile, the Learning to Learn programme, the Debate Club, volunteering activities as part of Volunteering Year, "Keep Smiling with QLS", celebrating Shakespeare Year, Student Conferences, the 2-Generations newspaper (for students and parents), as well as producing original and practical educational material, such as exam guides, study planners - with many more to follow.

Both in Greece and abroad, QLS participates in exhibitions and conferences with talks, and co-operates with leading educational organisations, thus offers its Members on-going professional development and information regarding all things new and innovative in the world of foreign language education. 

At its Plenary Conference in Thessaloniki on 4th-5th February, 2017, QLS celebrated the first 15 years of its creative course and presented awards to its visionaries and founding Members.

During the weekend, the quality programmes for the new school year were decided and planned.

Among the many presentations was that of QLS Member Dimitris Maroulis who spoke about Synergy Learning (Syn-Learning) – No Homework Policy.

QLS's guest speaker, kindly sponsored by EAQUALS, was Michael Carrier who gave a fascinating workshop on Future-Proofing Your School: an Innovation Workshop, as well as a presentation on Digital Learning: Current Trends in Language Education Technology, 2017-2020 and how we can keep our schools innovative.

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