Giving your business an online presence means more than simply putting up a website with your company’s address and phone number.

Why you should have an online presence

Consider the following scenarios. You wish to book your next trip abroad, find tickets, book a hotel and reserve a table at a couple of restaurants. In case you do not fancy crossing the Greek boarders think of anything that you need to get information about, whether this is an upcoming movie to the cinema, when is Easter this year or Kim Kardashian’s latest post. How will you go about doing it?
If your answer is not the Internet then skip this article and read something else in the magazine that you hold in your hands. If you instinctively thought of Google, along with 3.5 billion people on this planet then you should consider how could you effectively reach these people and make them aware of your business.

In Greece 7,072,534 or 65% of the population has access to the Internet and uses it on a regular basis. And as you may guess they search for all sorts of things, including where they can learn a foreign language or which are the best FL Schools in their region. Google Adwords has been developed by the search giant to aid advertisers market the products or services on their search engine. It also provides a handy tool that lets you analyse how people search for different things. Below is an actual list of popular keywords (exactly as they are typed) related to learning a foreign language and their average monthly searches.

Apart from the small dose of voyeurism or pure curiosity that this list entails, the main point is that almost half a million searches every month are related to foreign language learning in Google alone.

Can you really afford not having a website or social media presence?

You obviously know the answer better than us. We all know that the best form of advertising is the traditional world of mouth. We also know that the most popular form of advertising is sticking a leaflet on the windscreen of cars during enrolment season. What you may do not know is that the conversion rate of untargeted leaflets is 1%-2%, a rate that is pretty low by todays standards.

Here comes Facebook which is far more engaging, reaches more people and costs a fraction of the budget that would otherwise be allocated for designing, printing and distributing material. To put things in perspective if you were to place an ad on Facebook for a language school in the second most populated municipality in Attiki (Peristeri that is) you could reach 15,000-39,000 people living in your area. That is 500 different people every day for the next month. If you combine that with a «click here» button that will redirect people to your site for more information regarding your services then you have a potential client that has taken the time to spent a few minutes looking at what you have to offer.

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)
real gr 10 χιλ. – 100 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια αγγλικων 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
γλωσσα 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
ριαλ 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
ευρωδιαγνωση 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
γαλλικα 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
ξενεσ γλωσσεσ 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
γερμανικα 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
μαθαινω αγγλικα 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
ιταλικα 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
ισπανικα 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
αγγλικα 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
agglika 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
μαθηματα αγγλικων 1 χιλ. – 10 χιλ.
axon γαλατσι 100 – 1 χιλ.
tzanetos 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηριο club 100 – 1 χιλ.
ισον 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια αγγλικων αθηνα 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθηματα ισπανικων online 100 – 1 χιλ.
ευρωδιαγνωση αθηνα 100 – 1 χιλ.
ευρωδιαγνωση νικαια 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθαινω ισπανικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
δωρεαν μαθηματα ξενων γλωσσων 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθήματα αγγλικών online free 100 – 1 χιλ.
λεξιλογιο αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
γαλλικα μαθηματα 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηριο στα αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
τοειψ 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια ξενων γλωσσων αθηνα 100 – 1 χιλ.
θελω να μαθω αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια αγγλικων θεσσαλονικη 100 – 1 χιλ.
δωρεαν αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
παγουλατου βλαχου 100 – 1 χιλ.
εκμαθηση ισπανικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
εκμαθηση γαλλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
εκμαθηση αγγλικων δωρεαν 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια αγγλικων πατρα 100 – 1 χιλ.
αγγλικη γραμματικη στα ελληνικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθηματα ιταλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθηματα ισπανικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
καθηγητεσ αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
οι χρονοι στα αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
eurodiastasi 100 – 1 χιλ.
κεντρο ξενων γλωσσων 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια ξενων γλωσσων 100 – 1 χιλ.
ευρογνωση 100 – 1 χιλ.
proficiency θεσσαλονικη 100 – 1 χιλ.
πτυχιο στα αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
κεντρα ξενων γλωσσων πατρα 100 – 1 χιλ.
χρονοι αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια περιστερι 100 – 1 χιλ.
χρονοι στα αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
ωρα στα αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια ιλιον 100 – 1 χιλ.
germanika 100 – 1 χιλ.
αγγλικη γραμματικη 100 – 1 χιλ.
αγγλικη γλωσσα 100 – 1 χιλ.
αγγλικα ενηλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
αγγλικα μαθηματα 100 – 1 χιλ.
γραμματικη αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
εκμαθηση αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
ισπανικα μαθηματα 100 – 1 χιλ.
αγγλικα proficiency 100 – 1 χιλ.
λοουερ 100 – 1 χιλ.
πτυχιο αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθηματα γαλλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
ταχυρυθμα αγγλικα 100 – 1 χιλ.
γρηγορη εκμαθηση αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
ιταλικα μαθηματα 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστήριο αγγλικών 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθηματα γερμανικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
ταχυρυθμα μαθηματα αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
ταχυρυθμα μαθηματα γερμανικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
δωρεαν μαθηματα αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθημα αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
ιδιαιτερα αγγλικων 100 – 1 χιλ.
φροντιστηρια θεσσαλονικη 100 – 1 χιλ.
μαθήματα αγγλικών 100 – 1 χιλ.

Why does your school Need an Online Presence

Giving your business an online presence means more than simply putting up a website with your company’s address and phone number. It means setting up a virtual version of your business, with a welcoming, informative website, a Facebook page and a Twitter or Instagram account. Ignoring this important potential marketing platform is akin to saying, «I don’t need any new business.»

Providing an online presence not only gives a customer access to your product or service, but it also provides a way for the customer to «check out» your company. Online reviews, your interactions with other customers and the frequency and quality of your posts help to form a positive impression of your company in the potential customer’s mind, making a future sale more likely.
Marketing your business is also easier and more far reaching, as the electronic format allows for a wider, more cost-effective distribution as opposed to traditional marketing, which usually included printing and mailing costs.

A basic website is pretty easy to set up using an application like WordPress. WordPress is a free blogging tool and content management system that gives users the option to pay a little more for the premium version.

If you’re starting from scratch and not sure what your website should include, survey your existing customers when they drop by your school to receive grades. It’s the best way to get the insight you need – people love to be involved and share their opinions.

What about social media?

Social media is an important part of your online presence that improves your chances of generating additional revenue and building customer loyalty. It allows customers, potential customers and other interested parties to engage easily via a channel that plays an important role in their everyday lives.

Although not every social media channel will be relevant to each business, it’s definitely worth looking into your options. For example, Facebook and Twitter will serve a purpose for almost any business – it’s a great place to post news, tips, photos and videos and ask and answer questions.

The more compelling and engaging your material is, the more likely your followers will like, comment and share your posts. Engagement is key to promoting your brand – not only will it make you more appealing to existing customers, the more positive social activity that goes on, the higher the chance is that their friends will be exposed to your brand and intrigued by what you have to offer.

Bottom Line

Every business ought to have a website. The more professional a website is, the more advantages one can gain. Big impact doesn’t have to mean big budget when it comes to the web. It’s all about being relevant, consistent and accessible online. Keep these three things in mind and you’ll be well on the way to succeeding in using the web to create a slick, professional window display for your school.



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