Multi award-winning Educational Technologist Russell Stannard at the Foreign Languages Forum in Thessaloniki


The FL Forum is proud to have Russell Stannard delivering the Forum's plenary on Sunday 2 September during the 13th FL Forum. Russell Stannard will also, for the first time in Thessaloniki, do a workshop on the use of mobile tools in the classroom.


Who is Russell

Russell Stannard is a multi award-winning Educational Technologist and founder of


He is especially known for his pioneering work in using technology to enhance feedback and his experiments with screen capture technology. His has produced two highly successful training sites produced using Camtasia videos and is considered to be one of the biggest users of screen capture in Education. He is a recommended Camtasia Traine and was previously a Principal Educational Technologist at the University of Warwick and the University of Westminster.


He currently works as an Educational Consultant helping organisations to build online learning/blended learning courses as well as training staff in the use of technology all over the world. He specialises in the use of Camtasia, SnagIT, Google Products and virtual learning environments To date Russell has worked in 31 countries and has the British Council, Oxford University, the INTO group, Macmillan, Express Publishing and the BBC among his many clients. In 2015 Russell was listed as one of the top 23 most influential Educational Technologists in Twitter and also listed on the MIMIO blog as one of the top 20 Educational Technologists ( see buttons below).


Plenary Session

Key technologies that can impact on teaching and learning

Russell Stannard has 1000s of teachers visiting his website each year. He surveys them to find out what technologies they are using most and how they are using them. In this talk, Russell will highlight some of the key technologies that teachers around the world are using and demonstrate real practical examples of their use. A talk packed with real examples of good practice covering a range of areas of education including feedback, blended learning, Flipped learning and assessment just to name a few.



Using mobile tools in and out of the classroom: A workshop with multi award-winning educational technologist Russell Stannard.

This 2 hour practical workshop will give participants a chance to work with a number of simple mobile technologies that they can use with their students both in the class and out. Lots of hands on practice as well as a chance to discuss how they might use these tools with their students. The session will work best if the participants have a laptop or tablet but if not then you will be able to follow most of the session with your telephone too.

Limited Availablity


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