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In this month's issue:Che Jon FERNANDES - ELT NEWS talks to Hamilton’s House Gold Metalist in Rio Paralympics H Express Publishing στα Cyta Mobile Excellence AwardsΠιστοποιητικοκρατία, πιστοποιητικολαγνεία και ξενόγλωσση εκπαίδευσηSPECIAL FEATURETeacher Development Innovation and change in YOUR class«Άσπρες – μαύρες» όψεις του σχολικού πίνακαCPE - Greek...

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In this month's issue:Games are not the lesson but aids to the lessonWhy More Girls -and Women-Than Ever Are Now Being Diagnosed With ADHDGrammar rules you can break (sometimes)Language changes over time: 15 words that once meant something very different Special Feature: Supplementary MaterialWhat is the purpose?Why use readers?The use of songs in the...

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