April 2020

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Some of the topics featured in this month's ELT NEWS


  • The CiELL project team is developing open educational resources based on comics that are highly visual and free for English Language teachers and learners to use. - Learn more about this amazing project by reading the related article at ELT NEWS April issue.
  • How hard is it to teach certificate classes? Read an interesting article on how to go into a classroom of fairly indifferent teenagers who are adept at technology communication and attract their attention in order to show them how to read texts and understand what they are reading about!
  • Read all about the ELA’s mission to improve the quality of the educational process in April's issue through an interview with Nick Dellas, the Chairperson of ELA.
  • What type of teacher are you? Read, at the ELT NEWS April issue, a very interesting article by Maria Davou on how she nees to be surrounded by inspired, qualified, obsessed-with-learning teachers.

  • Exam-oriented L2 learning has been heavily disfavoured, as it is deemed to encourage automatic teaching and learning, violates L2 natural stages and pace, disrespects originality of target language, neglects individual differences amongst learners and discourages personalised approaches to language teaching. Marina Siskou writes on the topic in April’s issue of ELT NEWS.