Athens 6-7th October 2018: The Image Conference


The Image Conference, the annual conference of the Visual Arts Circle, is an innovative and collaborative project which seeks to explore the possibilities which film, video, images and video games offer to both language teachers and language learners. The rationale behind The Image Conference is that today we are saturated with visual stimulation and that the visual image has taken over, and the ability to interpret, analyse and create images is an integral part of literacy. The aim of The Image Conference is to put images at the centre of the language learning agenda and offer guidance on using images critically and creatively in language teaching in the age of the Internet. The Image Conference brings together leading experts and practitioners in the use of images in language learning who share their experiences, insights and know-how, and provides participants with an excellent opportunity to enhance their competence in the innovative and creative use of images. The conference is held in a different city every year. So far it has been held in Barcelona, Spain; Brasilia, Brazil; Córdoba, Spain; Munich, Germany; Valletta, Malta; and Lisbon, Portugal. We are very proud to be holding the seventh edition of the conference in collaboration with New York College in the beautiful city of Athens.


More info: www.nyc.gr/image_conference