Empowering English Teaching with AI

Join our exciting online workshop called "Empowering English Teaching with AI." This workshop is designed to help English teachers by giving them new and creative ways to make their classrooms better. 

Session 1

In the first part, you'll find out about fun activities that use AI to help students with speaking, writing, listening, reading, and thinking. We'll show you different tools like AI-powered pronunciation apps and interactive learning websites that can help students learn better.

Session 2

In the second part, we'll talk about how AI can make teachers' lives easier. It can help with tasks like paperwork and grading so that teachers have more time to focus on teaching in a way that's tailored to each student. With AI, classrooms can also become more interactive and include everyone. If you're an English teacher, come and learn how AI can make your teaching even better. Join us to get inspired and try out new ideas!

About Dimitris

Dimitris Primalis (M.A. in Education) is an EFL teacher and teacher trainer. He is interested in integrating innovation in the daily teaching practice and in supporting continuous professional development for educators. For his work, he has been awarded the title of “Innovative Educator Fellow” by Microsoft in Education and was voted as “ELT 2021 Influencer” by the ELT News. Dimitris has also served as TESOL Greece chairperson, vice- chair, and Newsletter editor, and as IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Assistant Editor. He is the primary and kindergarten EFL coordinator, and “Innovation and Best Practices Days” project manager at Doukas school, Athens.


Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Έναρξης 12-11-2023 10:00 am
Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Λήξης 12-11-2023 2:00 pm
Κόστος Συμμετοχής €20

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