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December 2020 ECCE-ECPE exams postponed

hau exams postponed

Due to the ongoing increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, and in accordance with current government-mandated quarantines, curfews, and travel restrictions, Michigan Language Assessment has made the difficult decision to postpone the ECCE and ECPE exams that were due to take place in Greece on 12/13 December 2020.

The postponed December 2020 ECCE and ECPE would have been the last sessions administered for the exams in their current format. Revised versions of the ECCE and ECPE will be given beginning in May 2021 as planned. The revised tests will reflect feedback from test users, changes to the test-taker population, and new thinking in language assessment. However, there is no change to the level of difficulty from the current version, nor will the standards change.

Individuals registered for the December 2020 exam administrations and have been prepared for the current versions of the exams, would be given the opportunity to take the versions they are familiar with in January 2021, if restrictions no longer apply.