Exams are coming! 

Exam time is one of the most difficult periods in a student’s life. They have to totally dedicate themselves to understand the syllabus, clear out the topics to be studied and proceed to the next step in their learning journey. Exams cause stress and tension. As a teacher, you would have understood every student in your class by being with them for months or even years and you are aware of their stress levels during the time of preparation. Don’t let unnecessary fears grow, as this would more likely make them lose their confidence and score low. 
To avoid this, spend more time with your students and check in on them regularly. Speak to the students individually and ask how they feel during preparation. Ask whether they are feeling stressed and check their confidence level. Assure them that they will be tested on what they have learned in class.

The ELT NEWS team has chosen a number of articles written by experienced teachers and teacher trainers about exam preparation. They give you tips and advice on how to best prepare you students for the upcoming exam session.

Enjoy reading!

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