Fluent: Learn a New Language by Browsing the Web

Learning a new language can be tough. This is especially true as we age. For those who pursue the goal to converse in a foreign tongue, there are a plethora of courses, apps, classes, and other ways to learn. However, most of those choices can only get you to a level of casual understanding instead of complete mastery. Fortunately, there are tools such as Fluent that can help everyone learn new languages easily. Fluent is an incredible Chrome browser extension that can help you learn a new language as you browse the web.  


According to Fluent's CEO Gavin Dove, "mastering a language means becoming so familiar with its words, phrases and grammar, that you can use them in the wild - without having to stop and think. A few gamified lessons introducing new pieces of the language just doesn't cut it. Lectures and exercises are only the beginning of the learning process. Most of the learning happens from regularly seeing every word, phrase, and grammar rule in countless different contexts. If you hear the French word for "hat" (chapeau) thirty times while working at a Parisian haberdashery, you'll pick it up pretty fast! The word pronto becomes segundos nature - as familiar to you as the word "hat" in your native language. This is what mastery looks like! Toddlers learn language the same way - and their success rate is 100%. They don't get one great big lesson where their parents teach them each word once. They live in the world and learn through repeated exposure."

Most language apps (and non-digital learning methods) are built on the lesson and exercise model. So, their learners are left on their own for this essential immersion step in language mastery. The lesson-based model these language apps use is just fundamentally limited. Lessons & exercises can't give you constant language exposure in countless novel contexts, for everything you learn, as language immersion can. So, these language learning apps are making the best they can of a limited teaching model. Gamification, bite-size lessons, beautiful design all make quite a difference in boosting engagement. After a certain point, though, re-doing the same address on French words for headwear (until they become second nature) becomes too dull.


You can use Fluent in just a few simple steps. We’ve provided a step-by-step instruction below. Visit their website here: https://www.usefluent.co/ and click “Add to Chrome.”