LanguageCert achieves high profile strategic partnerships within one year of its international outreach




LanguageCert is pleased to share its 2018 milestones in regard to important strategic partnership agreements, sponsorships and memberships.




LanguageCert  prides  itself  on  partnering  with  the  most  reputable  awarding  English Language

Learning organisations thus proving its high quality and service standards.


  • AISLI - The Italian Association of Language Schools
  • BAC – British Accreditation Council
  • English UK – The National Association of Accredited English Language Centres in the UK
  • FELTOM - Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta
  • IALC - The International Association of Language Centres
  • IALCA - Italian Association of Language Consultants & Agents
  • IEAA - International Education Association of Australia
  • IHWO - International House World Organisation
  • Quality English – Independent English Language Schools in English Speaking Countries


LanguageCert has already established a network of over 300 Approved Test Centres in over 40 countries, including leading brand names such as Ardmore, CES, International House and many others.




Being committed to the ELT sector LanguageCert is excited to sponsor leading events in the English language learning industry:


  • English UK AGM Annual Conference
  • English UK Marketing Conference
  • English UK London
  • FELTOM ELT Workshop
  • IALC Seville Workshop
  • IHWO Directors’ Conference
  • Quality English Workshops
  • ST Star Awards 2019 and many more!




LanguageCert is also a member of several national and international bodies, whose mission is to foster excellence in language education across the world:


  • ALTE – The Association of Language Testers in Europe (Institutional Affiliate)
  • EALTA – The European Association for Language Testing and Assessment
  • EAQUALS - Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services
  • English UK
  • FAB - The Federation of Awarding Bodies

 LanguageCert is going from strength to strength, and has more exciting developments for 2019!