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LanguageCert offers Online exams for candidates under the age of 16!


Teaching and learning are rapidly moving online, catering to students of all ages across the globe. Exam delivery methods have been quick to follow. LanguageCert has consistently acted as a leader in the field of providing quality exams and certifications, including online exams with live remote invigilation.Following its practice of producing innovative certification solutions, LanguageCert is delighted to announce that its LanguageCert Online exam service now caters to candidates under the age of 16, allowing them to take internationally recognised, Ofqual regulated English language exams from the comfort and safety of their own home.

LanguageCert Online exams with remote live invigilation are based on LanguageCert's award-winning technology, providing a secure and reliable way for candidates to take high-stakes exams from their preferred location, without having to visit a Test Centre. This latest offering ensures that, despite the temporary closure of Test Centres worldwide, students will still have the chance to meet their end of year goals, by taking their exam online.

To register for an online exam, a candidate will require a guardian to create an account on their behalf, following a simple, self-explanatory process on our system. Afterwards, candidates can schedule their English exam 24/7/365 at a time that suits them best. All they need is a room without distractions, a computer, a webcam, and an internet connection.

A trained invigilator will be online to guide and monitor them through the process, ensuring strict security measures are in place.The benefits of taking a LanguageCert Online exam with remote invigilation include:

  • The flexibility to take the Written and Spoken components on the same day or separate days.
  • Exam results and e-certificates are available in just 3 business days, while hard-copy certificates are released shortly after that. Certificates remain valid indefinitely.
  • The same exams and the same qualifications with the same international recognition as exams delivered in Test Centres.