Xmas Conversation questions


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Over 25 different questions to get the class talking about Christmas.


Level: Teens and Adults all levels.


• Did you enjoy last Christmas? Why?
• How do you celebrate Christmas?
• What is a traditional Christmas like in your country?
• Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas?
• Do you eat a turkey dinner for your Christmas dinner? If not, what do you eat?
• Do you enjoy Christmas time?
• Do you like Christmas songs? Why/Why not?
• Do you put up a Christmas tree?
• Is your tree real or artificial?
• Which type of Christmas tree do you prefer, real or artificial?
• Would you like to have a white Christmas?
• Do you send Christmas cards?
• When do you put up your Christmas tree?
• When do you take down your Christmas tree?
• Do you think presents are an important part of Christmas? Why?
• What did you get for Christmas last year?
• What presents did you give last year?
• What is your favourite Christmas advert? Why? Describe it.
• What is your favourite Christmas song?
• Do you spend all of Christmas with your family?
• Why do people have Christmas trees?
• Do you know the history of Santa Claus?
• What type of food do you eat at Christmas?
• What’s the best holiday of the year? Why?
• What would be the best present to receive this year? Why?
• Do children get too many presents these days?
• Are people wasteful at Christmas?



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