The Emperor's New Clothes - A play for children between the ages of 8 and 14


A play for children between the ages of 8 and 14.
Multidimensional educational action and interactivity,
in the most fun English lesson ever!


The play
Elli Katsinavaki with her team, Polkadot Productions, present Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved tale of an immature, selfish and vain ruler. An ingenious trick brings him face-to-face with his insecure self and shows us royalty…in all its naked glory! In this version, our Emperor stumbles about in confusion on the catwalk, until he learns his lesson and stands steadily on his own two feet. His kind heart emerges, and he is transformed into a capable leader.

Actors and students together take to the stage. We sing, we dance, and we shout loudly “The Emperor has no clothes!” Through the imagery of the fashion world we discover, in the most humorous and playful way, the joy of collaboration and creativity.


‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ support materials
Complementary to our performance you can optionally obtain without any extra charge our support material, consisting of educational activities, grammar and vocabulary exercises and written and oral comprehension exercises, both preparatory and follow up, adapted for three different levels of ability (A2, B1, B2).  All files of preparatory material are sent by e-mail two weeks before the performance’s date. They consist of grammar and vocabulary exercises directly referring to the text that students are going to listen to during the performance, thus making its understanding easy and pleasant. Our follow up material is sent on the day of the performance. It contains a variety of written and oral comprehension exercises, such as “True or false?” or “Who said it?”, topics for discussion, amusing activities and funny quizzes relative to the play’s pedagogic ideas and morals.

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Performance Description:

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Ages: 8 – 14 years old
  • English level: Α2, Β1, Β2
  • Flexible space requirements:anything from a school classroom to big theatrical stage
Creative team:
  • Script: Mark Mullender, Elli Katsinavaki
  • Direction: Elli Katsinavaki
  • Actors (in order of appearance): Veroniki Kyriakopoulou, Stefanos Achilleos, Yiannis Askaroglou
  • Original song 'Just Be Yourself': music by Stavros Tsoumanis, lyrics by Mark Mullender and Elli Katsinavaki
  • Scenography and wardrobe: Maria Siaviki and Elli Katsinavaki
  • Choreography: Theodoros Mantazelis
  • The Emperor's New Clothes' support materials devised and written by: Mark Mullender and Elli Katsinavaki


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