LanguageCert appoints dream team of language assessment experts


LanguageCert appoints a dream team of language qualifications professionals to key positions in the Board of Directors and Senior Management.


LONDON, UK – LanguageCert today announced the appointment of a ‘dream team’ of renowned  experts to steer the Awarding Body towards the future of language qualifications.


Dr. Michael Milanovic is appointed Chairman of the Board. The board develops and assesses the overall strategy and direction of LanguageCert and provides leadership and guidance. Dr Milanovic has been involved in language education and assessment since 1977. He has served as CEO of Cambridge English Language Assessment, where he worked for 25 years. He has over 40 years of experience in business leadership, combined with a wealth of academic expertise.



Roger Johnson is appointed Chairman of the Advisory Council. This is the governing body that advises LanguageCert on processes for continuous  improvement, and scrutinises its regulatory compliance status. Mr Johnson worked for Cambridge English Language Assessment for 25 years, in a wide range of roles, including Chief Operating Officer, leading a team of 360 experts covering assessment design and quality.



In addition to these two seasoned leaders, a dream team of experts has also been put together to manage and guide the next generation of language qualifications. You can learn more about Nigel Pike, Suzy Gunn, Henry Tolley and Andrew Harrison on the LanguageCert website.


These new appointments fortuitously coincide with the company’s central office in the UK moving to 121 Sloane Street, in London, UK.


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