Online registration procedures for all Hellenic American Union examinations



Online registration procedures for all Hellenic American Union examinations

As of September 2018, registration for all examinations administered by the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications (Michigan Language Assessment, Cambridge English, Hellenic American University, ETS) will be handled online through the ORFEAS Online Registration System.

For Language School Owners and English language teachers, online registration and payment of fees will be handled by the ORFEAS Online Registration System. Individual test takers should also use the ORFEAS for Individual Candidates system.

The new procedures will make registration:

► Easier

► Faster

► More user-friendly

► Eco-friendly

In addition, the move to the ORFEAS platform will provide stakeholders with additional services. Specifically:

  • Language Schools and teachers will have instant and secure access to their students’ examination schedules and results.
  • All registrants will be able to directly track the status of their registration procedure from start to finish.
  • Individual test takers will be able to download their schedules and check results online.

Staff from the Center for Examinations and Certifications are also on hand to help with questions. (T: 2103680000)

Please note that the particular change in the procedure is aligned with GDPR requirements focusing on candidates’ data protection and privacy.



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