How to prepare candidates for language exams remotely

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We are in the middle of a pandemic for the first time in our life, the schools are closed and students are required to work from home in order to cover the material and sit for language exams at various levels.

However for most teachers preparing candidates remotely is an unprecedented experience.

In this webinar four F.L.S. Owners come to your aid and share with you knowledge and expertise. 

11:05am - Maria Davou, F.L.S. Owner: Teaching Reading
11:25am - Nick Dellas, F.L.S. Owner (Chairperson of ELA): Teaching Listening
11:45am - Dr Dimitris Maroulis, F.L.S. Owner: Teaching Speaking
12:05pm - Georgia Papas, F.L.S. Owner (Chairperson of QLS): Teaching Writing
Preparing learners for the writing part of an exam is a challenge in itself in a familiar, classroom environment, not to mention in an unexpected and unprepared for e-learning one. However, unprecedented challenges can present opportunities. The presenter will focus on the benefits gained in teaching exam writing skills in an e-learning situation, while considering the drawbacks and how to overcome them.

Moderator: Dimitris Primalis, Teacher of English, Teacher Trainer and Educational Technologist


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