New Chair person at TESOL Greece

primalis.jpgAfter nearly two and a half years of a highly successful tenure, Caterina Skiniotou is stepping down from the position of TESOL Greece Chair as her professional commitments will require her presence abroad.

Under Caterina's guidance and thanks to her tireless efforts, TESOL Greece has gained more prestige and further recognition in Greece and abroad.

The board wishes to thank Caterina for her hard work and dedication to the ELT community in Greece.

Caterina will continue to contribute to TESOL Greece's development as project manager for the creation of Moodle on TESOL Greece's website.

skiniotoukaterina.jpgAccording to the bylaws, the Vice-Chair, Dimitris Primalis is appointed as the new Chair. Ms Bessy Geka was elected new Vice-Chair.


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