Jamie Keddie

Jamie Keddie is a Barcelona-based Scot with a love for storytelling, a passion for teaching, and an obsession for YouTube. He is the author of three books: Videotelling (Lessonstream Books, 2017), Online Video(Oxford University Press, 2014), and Images (Oxford University Press, 2009). Jammie is also the founder of Lessonstream, the popular resource site for teachers. He is well known in the world of English Language Teaching. Since 2008, he has shared his insight, ideas, and expertise with teachers and educators in over 40 different countries.

Jamie's Plenary

The teacher as a storyteller

It is often teachers of young learners who are the quickest to embrace teacher-led storytelling as a way of engaging students and structuring lessons. But we are considering a classroom craft which is far too valuable and versatile to be associated exclusively with one group alone. In this practical talk, I would like to share a number of teacher-led storytelling skills, activities and devices which will be suitable for all types of language teachers and learners.

Jamie's Workshop

Online video and critical thinking
We are living in an age when virtually anyone can publish content online. Unfortunately, the result can be a fight for clicks, shares and views. And in the absence of codes of conduct or standards of practice, dubious online activities have become commonplace. In this practical talk, I would like to share a story that has come out of online video culture. Teachers of screenagers can make use of this story in their own classrooms to encourage discussion and to raise students' critical awareness of online video content.


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