Michael Carrier

Michael Carrier is Managing Director of Highdale Consulting Ltd, based in London and consulting for ELT organisations, including Cambridge English. He has been involved in ELT for over 30 years as a teacher, trainer, author, school director and network director. He has worked in Germany, Italy, Poland, UK and the USA, and lectured in many other countries worldwide. He was formerly Executive Director of Eurocentres in Washington D.C., then CEO of the International House World network of schools, and Director of English Language Innovation at the British Council. He has written a number of ELT coursebooks and skills books, including the Front Page series, Business Circles, Intermediate Writing Skills and Spotlight Readers. His special field of interest is in elearning and the application of technology to Language Teaching.


Michael's Plenary (Best for FL School Owners)

Digital Learning: Current Trends in Language Education Technology 2017-2020 and how we can keep our schools innovative

The world is changing very rapidly and what students and parents expect from language schools and English language teachers is changing rapidly.  Do you have a MOOC or an LMS for your school?  Do your teachers map their competences against the Cambridge Digital Framework?  Are you planning to invest in VR or ASR activities?  What do you think of the Internet of Things?  Does this all sound like gobbley-gook?

Developments in digital technology will become more important over the next few years in ELT as digital takes a bigger role in everyday life and in education generally.  This talk looks at thedigital trends, the new technologies coming down the pipeline, what kind of new activities this may lead to, and how to prepare schools – and their teachers – for this innovative age.  


Michael's Workshop (Day & Time to be confirmed)

Future-Proofing Your School: delighting your customers

This workshop focuses on the benefits of innovation and technology to your school now – and into the future. How can innovative approaches to service delivery and educational technology – IWBs, apps, translators,  tablets - support teachers and make learning more exciting and effective for your learners?


How can the latest digital tools improve the customer experience for your students? Not only in the classroom, but in the other ways that they interact with the school.

Technology in schools is not just for the classroom – we can use it to improve all aspects of the school’s work. For example:

  • How can you improve your marketing and get more students?
  • How can you ‘delight’ your customers so they keep coming back and re-enrolling in new courses?
  • How can you improve students’ outcomes and achievements so they feel they have chosen the best school?

We will look at both established and emerging innovations &  technologies and how we can harness them to improve the quality of our teaching and learning and help our students succeed Participants will engage in innovation activities and a Digital Audit of their school.

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