Bob's your Uncle! Troubleshooting and differentiation for teenage classrooms (13th FL Forum Athens)

In this workshop, we will do two things. We shall look at some familiar challenges in our teens classes and work our way out of them in a happy, practical and productive way.  We shall also reconsider the idea of differentiation and the tensions and limitations we might encounter in attempting to cater for a range of abilities - as well as what we might hope to enjoy in terms of progress along the way. Suitable for new teachers, seasoned veterans and trainers alike.

Workshop Leader: 
Chris Roland


About Chris Roland

Chris is based in Seville at ELI language academy. He has also taught in Cádiz, Barcelona, Nottingham, Damascus and Aleppo. He has experience as both an IELTS and Cambridge examiner and has worked with teachers across a range of scenarios including school inspections and as a tutor on the Trinity Certificate and Diploma courses in methodology. He is a regular speaker on the conference circuit in Spain and Portugal and his particular interests lie in the area of exploiting written text, improving classroom management with teens and looking at the finer points of task design. His first methodology book Understanding Teenagers in the ELT Classroom will be available from Pavilion Publishers in September. 


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