The Art of Grammar


Formalists enjoy Grammar to air authority. The public thinks Grammar is the spine of any language. The truth is that there are many different “Grammars” for different purposes in language learning. In this workshop we learn how many teaching methods there are for Grammar lessons. Then we introduce the idea of GR.I.T (Grammar Instances Theory) which can really provide teachers with an effective and applicable alternative to the well-known dry and uninspiring ways to teach Grammar. Through plenty of examples and case studies teachers will be ready to apply GR.I.T teaching tool at any level transforming Grammar into a skill.


Workshop Leader: Dimitris Maroulis

Dimitris Maroulis is an EFL teacher and school owner, for the last 25 years, and a strong believer in lifelong learning. He is currently preparing for his second MA in Educational Neuroscience with Birkbeck, University of London. He has attended a number of seminars and short courses from various providers among them: the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and UC San Diego. He has been a frequent presenter at TESOL, Greece (member since 1994) and ELT News Forum. He is also member of QLS. He is the author of: “Language Learning Strategies in EFL”, Faculty of Education & Language Studies, OU, UK; “Reading Guide for B1 & B2:Strategies for the development of Reading Skills”, “Excellent: language learning assessment tool”, both from Lefki Selida. He has also written two books of poetry (‘Spelling Life” & “The Exodus of Alonso Kihana”) from Gavriilidis books.




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Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Έναρξης 11-03-2018 4:00 pm
Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Λήξης 11-03-2018 6:00 pm
Registration Start Date 30-01-2018
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