Liven up your online lesson!



Do online lessons feel more like lectures with little or no interaction? Do students and parents complain that online lessons are not as good as the lessons in the classroom? How can you liven up your online lesson?

This webinar focuses on practical issues such as techniques, activities, tools, and tips that can help you to make your lesson more interactive and to engage learners.

In this online workshop, you will participate in a range of activities, and you will use free web tools that stimulate students’ interest and participation.

In addition, various techniques, which will enable you to make full use of the potential offered by technology, will be displayed. The webinar also includes useful tips and hints. An online workshop for teachers with little or no experience in online teaching.



Dimitris Primalis
Teacher Trainer, Microsoft I.E. Fellow
Teacher trainer and EFL teacher, who specializes in learning technology. He is a Microsoft I.E. Fellow and won the IATEFL 2013 Learning Technologies SIG scholarship.


Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Έναρξης 02-05-2020 11:30 am
Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Λήξης 02-05-2020 1:00 pm
Registration End Date 30-04-2020 5:00 pm
Κόστος Συμμετοχής €20



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