6th Youth Conference

The 6th Youth Conference, organized by Glossomatheia for all Deeper Learning schools, took place on Saturday, March 19th. Young teenagers from more than 130 language schools around Greece met in Athens and presented passionately their own ‘Cries and Whispers’. Part of Deeper Learning journey is for students to produce an academic presentation and/  or a creative project and this is what we saw at the YouthConf. We traveled along with the students, exploring questions like ‘Do animals have language?’, ‘What does it mean to be a girl?’, ‘How would the world be if women hadn’t fought for it?”, ‘Why are there wars?’, ‘How is teenage life tough for children today?”, ‘What is bad parenting?” and many many others! The children danced, sang, shouted out loud and shared their thoughts, concerns, hopes and ideas. Students, teachers and parents sang together ‘We Sing Without Fear’, a song against femicides and abuse and raised their fists together, fighting for a better world.

We were honored to have with us Professor Alkistis Kontoyianni, Professor Vasilis Kalfas, Zoe Konstantopoulou and many artists and publishing house representatives, along with journalists and reporters.

It was a beautiful day for education that reminded us of what really matters.

The Youth Conference does not accept any sponsorships, to protect children’s right to freedom of speech.


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