Christmas activities for the classroom

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Make a Christmas Wishing Tree

1. Using green paper or card, have students trace around the outline of their hand.

2. Cut out the handprints.

3. Holding their handprint so that the fingers point downwards, ask each student to write a Christmas wish on their hand. They can write their own wish, or one for a friend or family member.

4. Using glitter, paints or whatever is available, decorate the hands, being careful not to cover the written wish.

5. Collect all the handprints and, on a separate large piece of card, arrange the hands into the shape of a Christmas tree and fix with staples or glue. Ensure the fingers all point downwards. The fingers look like branches and leaves and the finished “wish tree” looks fantastic. Kids will love reading each other’s wishes.

Christmas Language Arts plans

This plan will take a little preparation. You will need several gift boxes. The number of boxes will need to be determined by the number of students in the class. Divide the class into groups of 4 and each group will need a gift box. Inside each gift box you need to put a Christmas activity, such as:

Box1, group 1- Make your own Christmas card. Have supplies in the box for colouring and writing.

Box 2, group 2- Have slips of pre-cut paper, colouring aids and writing needs, for the students to create a coupon book for their parents. Each page of the coupon book will have a chore or free gift (like a hug, or smile) that the parents can redeem.

Box 3, group 3- A Christmas word search. Run off copies for all students and let them work on the word search.

Box 4, group 4- The students will read several stories of the Poinsettia. Have the students make a poinsettia from a pattern and then write their own story about its existence to share with the class.

More boxes could be created and these boxes are then passed out each lesson for 4 or 5 lessons until all the students have had each box. The students really enjoy opening the next box and complete the activity inside.


Christmas Card


Nouns and Adjectives

Materials: Christmas cards, glue, white paper, pens, pencils or markers


Each child chooses a different Christmas card.

Each child also receives a piece of white paper. They glue the card to the paper in the middle.

On the right side of the, the child writes down nouns that are in the card.

On the left side of the paper the child writes down adjectives that describe the nouns.

They then use the adjectives and nouns to write sentences or a story about their picture.


What students do for Christmas (Holidays)

This writing idea allows for the exploring of different cultures’ traditions

Materials: paper, pen


Talk to students about what a ritual is and how we all have rituals that we do everyday such as brush our teeth. Discuss with the class what you personally do for the holidays with your family. Then ask the students if there is anything particular that they do around the holidays. Do they go somewhere? Do they light candles? Do they decorate a tree together?


Now ask the students what their favourite memory about the holidays is. Is it with a special family member and doing something special with them? Is it going somewhere special? Now have them write down some key points about their favourite holiday memory. They can also make a picture to illustrate it after the writing has been completed and checked by the teacher. The important thing is to say Holiday Memory that can be any religion or event. Not necessarily Christmas. You might even want to change it to Winter Memory if you have children in your class that are not Christians.


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Christmas Spelling


Vocabulary Lesson

Learning Objective(s):

Students will learn how to spell vocabulary words, learn the definition, change the word to plural/singular, add -ing if necessary.

Step 1) Motivation/Introduction: Ask the students, “What special holiday is coming up?”

(The answer will obviously be Christmas.)

Then ask, “What are some words to describe Christmas?”

Step 2) Give the students a list of words.

Step 3) Then ask them to write their own definitions of the words.

Step 4) As a class, go over what each vocabulary word means and have the students use their red pens to write down the correct definition. As a class, also talk about why the definitions are right/wrong.

Step 6) Closure: Go over the vocabulary words again. The students will also review the words on their own time.


Christmas Spelling List:

What do YOU think it means?

Angel _________________________________________

Bell __________________________________________

Bow __________________________________________

Candle ________________________________________

Candy Cane ____________________________________

Chestnuts ______________________________________

Chimney _______________________________________

Christmas Eve ___________________________________

December ______________________________________

Elf ____________________________________________

Fireplace _______________________________________

Gift ___________________________________________

Lights _________________________________________


Ornament _______________________________________

North Pole_______________________________________

Present _________________________________________

Reindeer ________________________________________

Rudolph ________________________________________

Santa Claus ______________________________________

Sled ___________________________________________

Sleigh __________________________________________

Star ____________________________________________

Stocking ________________________________________

Tree ____________________________________________

Trimming ________________________________________

Wreath __________________________________________


Christmas Plural/Singular/possessive case  Worksheet

Ask your students to put the right s

1. The angel cookie was amazing.

 2. Bow are pretty on presents.

3. The candle are shining very bright.

 4. Chimney are very dirty.

 5. That is the elf toy.

 6. I get a lot of gift.

 7. How many reindeer are there?

 8. Rudolph nose is very red.

 9. Don’t mess with Santa Claus food.

 10. Sleigh are huge.

 11. Star are a pretty shape.

 12. The bell ring all through the town.


An UGLY gift ‘thank you’ letter assignment

Everyone has received a gift he or she thought was UGLY or just plain USELESS.

This is a great lesson for Christmas because it reminds students about the spirit of giving, and also reminds them to be grateful for the giver of gifts no matter how UGLY or USELESS the gift happens to be.

First, students draw names of class members who will receive the UGLY gift. The gift must be inexpensive, and UGLY. Students can use something they might have received that is perfect for “re-gifting”. It can be something that they “mutilate” in some way. It can also be something that they make. It cannot, however, be a cruel or demeaning gift. The gift should be wrapped in the prettiest paper with a bow, with the receiving student’s name on the gift.

When the day of the exchange arrives, play Christmas music and have candy canes or cookies, etc. to create a party atmosphere.

Culminating Activity: After the ‘gifting’ students are prompted to write a THANK YOU letter for the UGLY gift. They have to use the format for a friendly letter. They must mention the gift in the letter and how they intend to use it. Again, they must show appreciation for the gift. They have to be creative in explaining the use for a USELESS gift.


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