Teaching Young Learners

Welcome to our webinar focused on an innovative approach to education for young learners in the digital age. As we navigate a world where engagement in traditional classrooms is becoming increasingly challenging, our webinar aims to introduce and explore cutting-edge strategies that resonate with a new generation of students.

Part 1 (10:00am-10:50am): Empowering Young Learners: Nurturing Expressive Writing Skills in English - Katherine Reilly

Teaching young learners how to write is a meticulous task which requires our unwavering devotion to detail, as it is considered by many to be the culmination of a multitude of well-developed language skills. Writing at a young age not only influences the learner to develop and express his critical thought, but will also inspire him to practice and assimilate the key elements of the target language.

  • Techniques will be presented with the goal of addressing this issue, while also reflecting on the most common errors made by both educators and students alike.
  • Considerations to encourage engagement, collaboration amongst peers, as well as recognition of proper register are key elements which will be weighed upon.
  • Practical methods of influencing a young learner’s mind to develop his thought into the written form of communication, will be implemented in the presentation.

Part 2 (10:50am-11:40am): Gamification and how it can improve the teaching process of children - Chris Kostas

In our modern world, Gamification is a driving force behind keeping students engaged in the learning process. When there is no engagement happing in a classroom essentially there is No learning happening. Winning the attention of learners is the hardest thing to do and traditional methods of education no longer work because they are designed for students to be fundamentally passive. Imagine that today an entire generation of children never known a world without internet, tablets and video games. Time Traveller gamified learning platform will transform the way students engage with their classwork/homework, making education an enjoyable and memorable experience by learning through playing!

Together we will explore how teachers will face the challenges of create engagement, improve retention of language and make learning almost an addictive experience as to keep students focused and motivated.

Part 3 (11:40am-12:30pm): Happy Young Learners: A trend or a need? - Despoina Mallidou, Express Publishing

In an effort to engage young learners in the teaching process using various tools and methods, we often find that the secret to effective learning lies in one word: happiness! This presentation is based on the premise that academic achievement does not lead to happiness, but happiness leads to academic achievement. The speaker introduces positive learning activities that help teachers create a rich educational experience by cultivating resilience and empathy and reinforcing a culture of positive thinking.

Part 4 (12:30pm-13:20pm): Speak Up! Empower Young Learners to develop their speaking skills. - Dimitris Primalis

Who’s afraid of speaking? Young Learners have a lot to say but we need to ensure that we create the right environment for them to do so. Unleash the potential of your Young Learners with this online, interactive workshop which  equips TEFL educators with tools to inspire confidence, fluency, and a lifelong love for expressing themselves in English. In specific, the workshop focuses on

  • a range of practical techniques and engaging activities designed to boost speaking skills.
  • how  to create a supportive atmosphere.
  • how to integrate storytelling.
  • how to employ games that make language acquisition a joyous journey.
  • hands-on strategies that cater to diverse learning styles.

The workshop aims to offer practical tips and hints for front line teachers who wish to see their learners thrive in oral proficiency.

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