How is ELT poised to evolve over the next five years?

ELT NEWS invited the 2021 and 2022 influencers to talk about the evolving landscape of ELT and share their valuable insights and perspectives on the future of ELT.  

How is ELT poised to evolve over the next five years? The field has already witnessed significant changes driven by technology, cultural and pedagogic shifts, and global events.

The invitation was extended to: Maria Araxi-Sachpazian, George Kokolas, Nick Michelioudakis, Katherine Reilly, Evangelia Vassilakou, Maria Davou, Despina Mallidou, Mike Kenteris, Elizabeth Veliou, Natassa Manitsa and Dimitris Primalis.

In the current issue of ELT NEWS the majority of the 2021-2022 influencers share their insights regarding the following aspects:

  • Technological Advancements: How do you envision technology continuing to shape ELT? What role will AI, augmented reality, and virtual classrooms play in language education?
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity: In an increasingly diverse world, how can ELT adapt to promote cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in language learning?
  • Pedagogical Shifts: What innovative teaching methods and approaches do you foresee gaining prominence in the near future? How can they address the ever-evolving needs of language learners?
  • Professional Development: As the teaching profession evolves, how can ELT experts and organizations support the ongoing professional development and well-being of educators?
  • Global Events and Education: In light of recent global events, how can ELT adapt to address new challenges and opportunities in education, such as remote learning and global interconnectivity?

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ELT News

ELT News