Supplementary materials: diving into the labyrinth of inclusive learning

Leading character: the Educator (called “E”)

Act 1

A balcony and a glass of lemonade.

Summer evening

The Educator KNOWS: This school year came to an end, yet the classroom environment is continuously evolving. In search for the upcoming textbooks, “E” finds herself surrounded by a variety of publications. Thank God Publication Houses are constantly releasing innovative editions. Colorful illustrations, up-to-date content, all accompanied by the corresponding software. Its quality and handiness have many times proved of vital importance for the final selection.

Act 2

An ELT classroom and a half-drunk cup of coffee

Autumn evening

The Educator SENSES: These kids in front of you, your little explorers! Different yet fine companions on a nine-month journey. Each of them unique, budding individuals with their own interests and talents. Most of them with diverse learning styles. Their eyes follow you, but so must their minds! You don’t want them to name all irregular verbs at once! You do your best, as always, but the world is not enough. They belong to the generation of scrolling, posting and viewing. You have to compete with more than you think, here, “E”…!

Act 3

Place of no importance and a cup of hot chocolate

Time of no importance

“E” starring on the Pilgrim’s Progress

The well of inspiration

  • Technology

Alongside the software used in class and i-books, several digital tools and apps offer a more dynamic and engaging learning procedure. This A.I. applications that “E” fears that will be the number-one suspect in cheating…She can’t make them disappear, so they are gradually becoming more of a tool for inspiration on students’ conscience. Additionally, interactive websites engage learners in an ongoing procedure of spontaneous use of the language.


  • Real-world reference + Multimedia and Literature

Newspapers, magazine articles and podcasts bring forth real-life matters, with authentic language use. Varying from video and audio clips, classic movies and novels of incomparable value, “E” aims to expose her audience to a more appealing context. Cultivating critical thinking and raising cultural awareness is now achieved. 


  • Arts and Crafts

While combing inspiration and learning engagement, “E” demonstrates several crafting techniques to make lessons more captivating. Depending on the age of her students, emphasis is placed on the use of fine motor skills, differentiated material and creativity to form visual aids related to the lesson topic.


  • Flashcards and Realia

“E” uses them for instant treasure hunts on finding the hidden word. Some other times, as a versatile tool for vocabulary recognition “E” and her crew go aboard to focus on pronunciation and syntax via games that involve motion. Everyday items make the lesson more tangible and memorable as students of younger ages experience learning vividly.


  • Board or Card games + Puppets + Role playing activities

Board/card games are used by “E” as a form to practice various language skills. They make the lesson enjoyable and promote students’ collaboration. “E” is proud to watch them cooperate, laugh and learn, and –at the same time- acquiring language skills.

Puppets help in the realization of storytelling. “E” becomes an Oscar-winning actress on a one-act play, changing the tone of her voice and moving accordingly to get her audience’s attention. It is paramount for her students to associate with this interactive procedure. Immersion entails involvement. Understanding requires listening and experiencing.

Role-playing incorporates improvising on a guided context. Realistic and engaging, it offers students the ability to encounter several situations in which they are asked to interact. “E” never stops to admire the courage of her more introverted students to stand out and embody their other self wearing hats or costumes to match the occasion.


Act 4

An ELT classroom and a cup of coffee-untouched

Spring evening

The Educator TRIES: There is a unique bond, unseen that unites her and her students. Respect, acceptance and empathy are also attained along with language acquisition. This link that makes students not just well-educated, but well-raised as individuals. Eternal values to follow them in life.

Act 5

An ELT school and a full glass of lemonade

Registration time

The Educator REALISES: It’s a long day’s journey into night…A change of mindset seems impelling. Time is crucial. You cannot ask for intensive curriculum to acquire certificates from an early age and then expect to win the race of language mastery at the same time. Each student is a one-of-a-kind personality. Everyone moves across the learning spectrum at his/her own pace. The means are numerous; ready to be used in the service of linguistic growth.

The Educator WINS: “E” is consciously working, searching, learning, evolving. She manages to captivate students’ interest by personalizing the learning procedure and promoting active participation. “E” leads her students to success. “E” is you and me.



Despina Kopanou

Despina Kopanou

Director of Studies- English Foreign Language Teacher at House of English-Français-Deütsch