QLS ONLINE STORYTELLING: Connecting QLS Classrooms at Christmas.

In a heartwarming celebration of togetherness, QLS Classrooms across Greece connected at Christmas through an online storytelling event, which taught valuable lessons of love and sharing, with the tale of a selfless little Robin caring for its woodland companions.

The storyteller, the captivating Mrs. Zafi Mandali, transported students into a magical winter forest. Within this magical Christmas background, every creature, big and small, discovered the true essence of friendship, and the true spirit of the season.

Students were actively engaged with materials tailored for them, enabling them to contribute, vote, and engage in various activities.

Teachers within the classrooms, played a pivotal role as enthusiastic facilitators, ensuring that every student had an opportunity to actively participate and express their thoughts.

But most importantly, QLS classrooms from all over Greece were able to meet, greet, wish each other a Merry Christmas and build friendship ties with their fellow classmates from the big QLS family of schools. It was a reminder that, above all, Christmas is about coming together, cherishing the moments, and building bridges of friendship that transcend the limitations of time and space.


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