ELA is thrilled to announce its 3rd Conference

ELA is thrilled to announce its 3rd Conference, titled "LIVE 2024: CLASSROOM STORIES," which will take place at the VALIS SPA and RESORT in Volos on January 20 and 21, 2024. This event, designed for ELA members and their teachers, promises an enriching experience with 105 participants gathering to learn, collaborate, and build strong relationships, as is customary at ELA meetings.

The first day of the Conference will bring together participants from various schools for learning, collaboration, experience sharing, and knowledge exchange. Three workshops and a keynote talk are scheduled for the day. Ms. Renika Papakammenou, an ELA member, trainer, and researcher specializing in student examination and assessment, will conduct a workshop offering practical instructions on inclusion in the classroom.

Ms. Sarah Smith, co-founder of ELTONIX (www.eltonix.com), will deliver a speech on promoting creative thinking in the classroom through effective planning. Ms. Smith will also provide training on using book exercises to engage students in activities and connect three valuable educational tools: PLAN–DO–REVIEW.

On the second day of the Conference, a three-hour workshop titled "Positive Leadership" will be conducted for ELA members by Ms. Paschalia Mytskidou, psychologist and trainer, and Ms. Despoina Mantesi, occupational psychologist and consultant in organizational development. This workshop aims to empower ELA members to deeply understand the workings of the professional environment and receive training on strategies and administration practices that emphasize the human side of enterprises, fostering successful initiatives and vigorous results.

As the Conference draws to a close, ELA members who participated in an ERASMUS program in Huelva, Spain in April 2023 will present tools supporting educational dissemination. Attendees will also gain access to relevant materials related to knowledge dissemination resulting from the training provided to ELA members during their participation in the ERASMUS program.


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