The 1st ELT Directors’ Symposium Celebrates Successful Collaboration Between Private Schools and Foreign Language Institutions

ELT NEWS organized the 1st ELT Symposium that brought together Directors of English Language Departments of Private schools and Foreign Language school owners. This groundbreaking event was held at the Anemolia Domotel Hotel in Arachova, the last weekend of February, and attracted language experts from diverse backgrounds to engage in insightful discussions, share best practices, and foster collaboration within the realm of language education.

The symposium featured two panel discussions which facilitated open dialogue on key educational and administrative challenges. In addition, the Symposium served as a networking hub, allowing publishers, educational services providers and exams institutions to establish connections with DoS and FLS owners, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. Participants seized the chance to build a supportive community committed to advancing language education.

ELT NEWS expresses gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and contributors who made the ELT Symposium a resounding success.

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ELT News

ELT News